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Guilty Gear series
  • 속도감 넘치는 기술 표현과, 화려하며 상쾌한 일격필살기를 자랑하는 대전격투게임.

  • 1998년부터 꾸준히 시리즈가 출시되어, 어린이부터 어른까지 두터운 연령층의 팬을 보유하고 있다. Xrd 시리즈부터는 2D 재패니메이션으로 보이는 독자적 3D 툰쉐이딩 기술이 사용되어, 게임 및 애니메이션 업계에 새로운 바람을 불러일으키고 있다.

BlazBlue series
  • SF와 신화가 융합된 독특한 세계관을 가진 2D 대전격투게임.

  • 기존 격투게임의 틀을 깨고, 비주얼노벨을  통해 깊이 있는 스토리도 담고 있는 작품으로서, TV애니메이션도 방영되었다. 대전격투게임으로는 흔치 않게 총, 검, 인형 등 다양한 무기를 사용하는 캐릭터가 등장하여, RPG등 기타 장르 게임과 콜라보레이션 하기 좋은 특징을 가지고 있다.

Kunio-kun/Double Dragon series
  • 1987년부터 이어진 열혈 학원물 액션게임 시리즈.

  • 약한 자를 돕고 불의에 맞서 싸우는 불량배 ‘쿠니오’의 이야기를 담은 이 작품은 30 타이틀 이상이 출시 되었다. 패미컴 시절부터 닌텐도 플랫폼을 주축으로 출시되어 왔으나, 최근엔 스팀에서도 발매되고 있다.




Action - First move
Revolution - Innovate technology
Challenge - Do not be afraid to challeng


By the spirit of the ARC, we developed and services a great game such as 'Guilty Gear', 'BlazBlue'


Due to the expanding gaming market in Asia, the ARC SYSTEM WORKS ASIA BRANCH is set up to provide additional support for our customers; We would be providing licensing services, localization services, IP development, and Arc System Works business development and marketing within the region.
We will do our best for the Asia market.



Developing 2D/3D fighting game
  • People said [Arc System Works, If you develop 2D fighting game!].We are proud of the creativity and high technology.

  • We have developed "GUILTY GEAR X" series is the world's No.1 popularity of the fighting game. Thus have been a collaboration with various companies by recognized the development skill.

2D/3D animation techniques
  • 2D animation techniques are also world-class.

  • Arc System Works can use the "Arc System Works Original custom technology toon shading" technology that combines the 2D3D expressed in vivid colors like animated characters and backgrounds.

  • Also toon shading technology to show the 3D like 2D animation in Guilty Gear Xrd has been well received by taking advantage of the attractiveness of the Japanese animation and broken the limits of 2D graphics performance.

Online play
  • We have developed two or. four players online play simultaneously from the time the Sega Dreamcast console is started the online play feature.

  • Guilty Gear Xrd currently is supporting cross-platform online battle between PS3, PS4. As well as satisfying the high performance requirements of fighting game such as short time difference between the input frame unit. It has been well received from the user.

  • We are developing the game in response to a variety of platforms such as game console, arcade machine, SNS, smart phone and Steam.

  • Also, We have a wealth of game localizing experience to Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, French, Italian, German, Spanish, etc and familiar with the technical jargon. Our company is capable of multi-platform and worldwide release.

Worldwide business
  • We have many overseas business experience such as development by request of the North America/European development company, and their original software development and sales to target the whole world launch.

  • Also have Technical cooperation partners in Asia (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hangzhou, etc.) We can make materials at low cost with high originality such as "Coloring", "Pixel graphics", "3D Modeling", "Creating Motion".




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